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  The Francene Marie Show. On 101.9 

 Brenda E Robinson with Francene Marie

 Listen here for some inside aviation infomation that only pilots know about.

 Join us every June at the Charlotte-Monroe airport for the experiance of a lifetime. 

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PBS Charlotte joined the kids at camp for the full experience.

5 Min Feature







Women In Aviation American Airlines CR Smith Museum

NBC Dallas TX 




Francene Marie Radio Show

Brenda E Robinson will blow your mind!








WCCB Wilson's World

Feature of the Morning



Philly Tribune and North Penn Reporter
Hometown News Print


Interview with Philadelphia radio station: Start in the middle.

The Tone & Tenor Show






Pensacola News Journal


ABC Affiliate WEAR Pensacola FL interview (Sound starts loud)


Pensacola FL at the Naval Air Station Pensacola Museum. Home of the Blue Angels.




Hear Brenda speak to an audience about her life, her past, and how she copes, adversity, what her Dad thinks, and of course, how to land on aircraft carriers. Very light hearted and fun. Her full lectures provide easy to understand answers to life's most difficult questions (and annoyances). For all ages.




Lake Norman Radio interview with Dana Nieters

WGIV radio interview with Maria Mason















WCCB Black History Month Home Interview with Brenda






Prime Time feature of Aviation Camps of the Carolinas

From WBTV News : Aviation camp designed to take teens to a new level,






Army Rangers, CNN asks Brenda for an opinion










WCCB News Rising




Kindergarten 1961