Registration, Chaperones, and Sponsors

This registration will be for June 26th for grades 4-8 and 27th for grades 9-12 including Boy Scouts.  Airport participants are gathering now and their careers will be revieled early May. A typical schedule students can expect is available on the main site. The camp is one, non stop day, long, seperated by age group. Boy Scouts will join the 9-12 grade day, and the fee is no different. Only 3 chaperones per day. If there is a wait list, a day will be added welcoming another 3 chaperones.

By Continuing, all participants will enjoy a career day designed specifically toward inspiration, motivation, and fun, and thereby agree to honor payment to this non profit organization which covers all incidentals, apparel, nutritional, and material expectations and needs, in advance of each camp whether participant attends or cancels. Pre-registration refunds are available until one week prior to camp. All registrations within one week of camp will be credited back as a tax deductible donation one week following actual camp dates if student or chaperone cannot attend. Donations are greatly appreciated.

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